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Between 6 – 18 months is the time frame that accrues between all actions required to ensure that everything is a-okay.

There are many things that alter this timeline, so here are the scenarios we see most often when working with clients:


[ Couple 1 – Ready to Roll ]

Mortgage approved, section found and possibly purchased with the extremely important proviso of having a Geotech Report and Soil Testing done prior so they have an idea of earthworks required. (Missed the first blog, read it here to find out why in Part 1)

This couple is savvy, smart and up with the play. They did their homework, found a serious builder whose experience carefully navigated through the above reports and testing to compile the best way forward for their build combining their wish list along with their budget for their desired outcome.
They develop their plans purposefully without a bazillion changes as they already know what they can manage with their section size, slope, and square metre of home all determined by their budget. They understand that the construction industry is experiencing an unprecedented growth period which will extend wait times on all important pieces of paper but are comfortable in knowing that being well equip with knowledge is the best thing they can do. They understand that evidential fact findings are far more beneficial than trusting just an opinion so they want a team of dedicated staff who are well known and proficient in their design skills. They don’t want to be forced to choose from a pre-selected range of colour ways ending up with just another cookie cutter home.


[ Couple 2 – Super Sorted ]

Discussions with bank, unconfirmed budget but an idea of the number, possible sections in mind, some ideas around must have’s for their new home but currently all subject to the confirmation of all above eg. Geo Tech Report and Soil Testing.

They have some ideas about what they want in their new home, but not any set in stone yet. They made the all important wish list for their fit out. They have seen or been to a lot of Open Homes, Show Homes or Website stalking but are yet to find what they are looking for so want someone who can custom build their dream to suit their lifestyle while still staying within their budget – without getting yet another replica brick and tile house repeated in a neighbouring subdivision.

They understand that a square metre rate is not a determining factor in a build and can actually lead to far more budget over runs as not everything is taken into consideration this way. They are searching for a complete hand holding experience as they have never done this before. It is important to them to have their builder already have built the type of home they love the look and feel of as well as align with their vibe and personality. They know what exactly each differing builder can in fact provide by their own online research of social media presence and information available on their website like past builds, references, the companies why and who is the face of the company.

[ Couple 3 – Clutching At Straws ]

Section purchased without a Soil Test or GeoTech report, unconfirmed amounts for budget only an idea at this stage as haven’t done the leg work (or paper work.) No firm ideas about what they want in a home but they want it all from cavity sliders to tiled bathrooms, but on a small budget without forgoing the square metre size …

They have been blinded by social media and Pinterest images with no real understandings about building, their section, what the makeup of the soil actually means for their foundations and the further construction of their home. They clock watch, get worried and freak out at the overwhelming load of information while they have waited and waited only to hear news they possibly didn’t want, but can’t back out now as they are already mortgaged for the section they brought essentially blind.

They have a tight budget as they do not want to spend to the level available but won’t budge on their floor plan size and desire to keep up with the Jones’s, so they price shop.  Playing one standard builder off another, ask around for more opinions, sending off further enquiries making an extra day job for themselves, they price check and confuse themselves so much so that they can not see the real deal construction company from the smoke and mirrors builder who is promising the earth …

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Written by KATE
Kate Baillie, CEO of Baillie Construction
+ Girl Boss in charge of Design + Procurement