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The real question is why not?

‘Eco Friendly’ is an easy word too throw around, a buzz word as such. We exist to have a social impact, and prefer to be recognised as Eco Conscious, and here’s why.

– We only have one Earth, there is no Planet B
– We can not look our grandchildren in the eye and say we did nothing
– 3.1 billion tons of waste are going to landfill every single year from NZ alone
– Traditional timber and its site practices mean that waste is a by product and normality

Part of our philosophy is: Buy Less. Choose Well.

Our steel frames arrive direct from production with all the pre drilled service holes for plumbing and wiring ready to go. Coming from the central North Island and travelling a short distance, in just one load an entire home’s purpose made frames are ready to be stood on site in a day. Like a giant jigsaw puzzle the steel is put together with Tec screws that are 7 x stronger than a single nail and they won’t ever rust. The steel framework is light, quick and quick for all of our upcoming subtrades. Not to mention perfectly straight.

If you didn’t know, timber used for residential dwellings is felled from NZ forests and hauled all across the land before being deported to other countries, such as Asia. It is then brought back into NZ where all timber is fumigated at port for decontamination and each year the cost of timber rises by a further 7% increase. The chemically treated timber is fully laced with methyl bromide which then forms the very walls that hold your home up and that eventually leaches back into your families living quarters.

Makes you think doesn’t it … Want to know more about your options?

Download our Steel Framed brochure here >