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We don’t need a seven step process or a twelve point checklist to build.

And you don’t need to either, your job during the build is to go to work each day and enjoy your weekends, our job is to run the tight ship and literally build your dreams.

Here’s how it goes in a nutshell, and after almost a decade of doing it this way we turn beautiful and on budget homes every time.


– Hunt / purchase land with finance discussions / lenders if required
– Floor plan begins to evolve: your home, your way.
– Meet + greet to decipher what is achievable for the section size and potential price point of the land + build.


– Form wish list + non negotiable items that you must have and desire seeing most in your home.
– Exterior and interior spec list derived to compliment your budget (it’s your money after all)
– Sign a letter of intent to build, draft plans proceed.


– Sign contract for fixed price + secure a construction slot.
– Planning begins alongside the working drawings.
– We offer and insist on a complete hand holding the entire way through your build from truss placement to tap ware you won’t be left unsure or unknowing.

We’re not for everyone, are we for you?

What others say about us:

I first met Lee & KateBaillie through a coaching and mentoring business some 5 years ago. Having worked with builders over a 25 year period in 5 countries of the world on systems, processes, sales and marketing may I say this. They are consummate professionals in everything they do. Their way of doing business is authentic and based entirely on the passion to serve and provide a beautiful home. They communicate so well and I have never heard a bad word about them because they will not walk away if it is too hard. Being a steel framed specialist in a volcanic area cannot be ignored by people planning to build this is a lifesaving decision that timber and all the bracing in the world, cannot ensure. You can’t fool Kiwi’s and so I warmly recommend unencumbered Baillie Construction to the lucky people they choose to build for.

John Harris of Unicorn Business Solutions
A group of chartered accountants, strategic business coaches and modern business experts and Pride of Australia Award 2018 Recipient (The highest decree of Australian National Medals.)