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You probably hear us say this all time, “We don’t do cookie cutter homes.”
And in 2012 when we begun BCL that is exactly what we set out to do.

Here’s a quick run down on why you shouldn’t be treated like a number, forced to make selections from small pre chosen ranges, and how you can build your dreams within your budget because building on a budget does certainly not have to mean it will look and feel ‘budget. (Even if you are a First Home Buyer using Kiwi Saver Scheme and First Home Buyer Grant with a capped limit.)


Here’s the first thing about budget’s, everyone has one. And it’s not called a budget for nothing!

A budget, what ever that certain number may be, is the dollar value that you can comfortably service – that is your business.
Building your dream within that budget – that’s ours.


We are custom home build specialist’s. This means here at BCL we limit our jobs per year to a manageable amount so that we can use our same core team of trades, across all of our builds – just like we have for the past five years. We hand pick our workers for their level of dedication, professionalism and paramount attention to detail. Within our team you will find that we are just like you, hard working Kiwi’s, We are not a franchise that has large over heads for television advertising, fancy office blocks or a certain number of builds to uphold. This means you won’t have any of these associated costs or pressure passed onto you in the pricing and building of your new home. You can read more about how we are different over on our website




Here’s what you get within your budget when you build with BCL:

– A completely customiseable architecturally designed floor plan to begin the process.

– Personalised building experience meaning we hold your hand the entire way.

– You choose every colour, furnishing, finishing detail and fixture with support if you require.

– Each kitchen is individually designed and then hand made by our joiner specifically just for you.

– You select your appliances, from which ever stockist or store you love that suits your taste.

– Every one of our Steel Framed home’s comes with a 50 Year Durability Statement.

– Not just another box that has already been built or rebuilt in a near by neighbourhood.

– We guarantee a fixed price contract and 24/7 access to your build schedule.


And the reason we ensure all of this?
Because personally, we wouldn’t have it any other way.



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Check out our range of fully customiseable floor plans here (we can change the plan up or down depending on budget) and our Benefits of Steel Framing Brochure to see how you can future proof your home with more health benefits with steel framing here.