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NZ Made March is here! Something we passionately stand behind in all aspects of our business here at BCL.

We’re crazy about great design and beautiful things. When we are looking to use products for our homes we want to ensure the products are different to other companies. As a non-franchise family business you’re sometimes competing with the big guys and the only way we believe we can do that successfully is having exceptional customer service and product curation.

When our clients work with us they know everything is of high quality and our BCL followers come to trust that – it’s not how many followers you have, it’s how many keep coming back. Intertwined with this is all about NZ made goodness, Haven’t you heard:



We actively choose to shop small and support local when ever we need anything for our company. Supporting an ethically made products that came from the hands of some one else’s business makes our day! We are hard working Kiwi’s and love the thought of other parents and independently run businesses doing a little happy dance each time they make a sale.

IMG_0987 (2)  IMG_0980 (2) Mitre_10_Mega

We love Mitre 10 Mega Palmerston North which is back in local hands. Taking over in 2015, Andrew Stewart and his parents, Vicki and David, think of it as “a very cool business.” Locally owned and operated, the team at Trade who we see every day (and ply with baked goods in return for their excellent service) work hard to ensure we have what we need, when we need it. There is so much that goes into a build and having a solid relationship with our biggest supplier is crucial too ensure a smooth build. Stewart also believes in supporting other Kiwi’s in business where ever possible at this family run branch.

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We love Cupolex for those pods meaning no nasty non bi-degradable polystyrene gets put into the ground. Instead, we choose these recycled and fully recyclable plastic pods that make for a strong and speedy pad pouring while also saving on freight and labour costs. How does the dome work? The domes interlink to create a void upon which concrete is poured. A new and exciting concept, we can’t wait to continue our Cupolex journey in and around the Mighty Manawatu region to help keep our earth green!

3-10   1-22 (2)CroppedFocusedImage24815250-50-altherm-logo-small1

We love Altherm Windows and Doors who are the largest window solutions organisation in New Zealand. We use our local Altherm, where they manufacture from right here in Palmerston North. Tapping into their large portfolio of high performance products for both thermally efficient, and larger format windows and doors which we use in all of our builds. Altherm’s Window System is unique because the bottom-rolling bi-folds ensure the weight is carried on the sill where it has maximum support, which makes the moving panels glide easily. Big, beautiful windows that are energy savvy are a future proofing key item when building.

freddom print    13823427_1129564457109253_983499876_n    13820702_1129557880443244_613195295_n

We love Freedom Print & Design because nothing is too big of an ask. Owned and operated by Dan, his team supply high quality work with a fast turn around time. If you see something in print with our name on it, it has been done locally at Freedom Print!

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We love our custom key rings. The only way you can get one is to build a home with us tho! Black & white key rings are gifted too our new home owners on handover day. Love From Seventeen is run by Kylie, a Mum who runs her own business here in NZ. Supporting an original, handmade designer is one of the best ways to shop when you are after those special little extra’s.

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We love StreetWise and advertise at the local coffee shacks. We know we said Mitre 10 Mega was our biggest supplier before, but SW would be a verrrrrry close second! Thanks for the memory Facebook – this is the week of StreetWise’s ah-mazing ice coffee’s being released back in 2012. The SW crew always deliver on point coffee and treats, a constantly good coffee is hard to beat!

BaillieConstruction-51       n6y0SDNSwD24AKDOgmYZrskm5GFkYq3L-tmgEaYLNJs   15.09.16-6

And of course we love NZ Steel  made from sustainable iron ore right here in NZ, Auckland to be exact. It then travels down to Taupo to be manufactured and the frames for an entire house load up to fit on one trailer – amazing aye. We are always conscious of our carbon footprint and having the roll form machines located in the central North Island, mean we are able to distribute to each of our building sites in half a day, frames go up in a day and then the roof the following. Speeding up the build time while ensuring your home is stronger, straighter, smarter in steel and will last a life time covered with a 50 Year Durability Statement.


It’s grass root level stuff, form a club of collaborators, use, employee and engage with each other, promote each other and we all survive. And what’s more, money makes the world go round. Our NZ economy thrives on it. By putting money into our economy it puts money back into our economy, keeping jobs and ultimately families alive.

Simple really.




How can you show your support for NZ Made this March?

Let us know over in the comments over on Facebook what your all time favourite NZ Made product is, we would love to hear.
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**Obviously at times it is necessary as New Zealand is not that big, and off shore producers can whip up highly specialized pieces that we can’t. We actively source and select New Zealand made where ever possible.