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We build custom homes in superior steel framing in and around the mighty Manawatu area.

Not a group house builder, greedy developer of another chuck in a truck. There are no pushy salesmen here, heck there’s not even any timber here.

We are not here for the likes and follows. Not everyone is driven by a flashy set of vehicles and nationwide celebrity endorsements. We don’t need a corner office to be competitive. Instead, we embrace our passions and enhance our grass roots community by employing local fathers and selecting NZ designed and made products whenever and where ever possible.

Born out of frustration, as so many good businesses are we believed we had both the bravery and the skill to press go and be able to help others build their own home without a million dollar price tag, whether it be the first, or the first of many.

It’s our own name, capital and heart on the line. Business has evolved from a passion to our staunch belief in caring for our planet as we go. We set out to change how building a new home looks, feels and what It can achieve. #goodbyesterotypes #notcookiecutterhomes

Our three core principals here at BCL are:

1. Eco Conscious building and business decisions

2. Flawless and fun design process

3. Transparent build information

This is what we believe in. These are our values, and who we are and What we promise to our customer.